V Shape UFO made of six orange lights seen in North Carolina - 2012


North Carolina
September 21, 2012

UFO sightings details : The unidentified flying object was sighted Tuesday and Wednesday night over Otway, which is near Beaufort in Carteret County. Witnesses describe the object as six orange glowing lights that rotate into a V-shape, then slowly disappear.

It was six lights in a straight line (that were) above everything else, Otway resident Jonathon Willis said. Willis said his friends first spotted the object Tuesday. I didn't really believe it at first, but last night proved me wrong, Willis said. Something is out there.

According to base officials at MCAS Cherry Point, MAW squadrons participate in night flights that sometimes involve illumination exercises. The training includes slow moving flares that could appear to hover as they glide down, First Lt. Hector Alejandro wrote in an e-mail to Newschannel 12.

Alejandro said the training is performed on ranges, but could be seen from areas as far as Otway. Despite the explanation, some residents still attribute the sightings to extraterrestrial life.

Credit :sheilaaliens

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