UFO similar to huge gold nugget caught on picture over Nevada USA 2012


September 16, 2012

UFO Sightings Testimony : On Sept 16 2012 @ 20:00 Hrs Pacific just East of Lake Tahoe, Nevada (My Location) i was adjusting the night settings on my Sanyo S1070 Digital camera video cam. After taking ground level shots i looked into the sky, tonight was partly cloudy and stars not showing clear and bright tonight looking around 360 degrees above horizon i noticed a light that i thought was a star (Directly over Lake Tahoe or that direction to my West), it was odd though, not bright but i would say for example a tiny moon, dull not bright but had outline, i didnt think much of it until i took a few photos being as still as possible because i never have been able to get a clear image of anything so far away, even our Moon is a challenge with this camera.

I brought the camera inside the house and downloaded a buch of experimental nothing important images, my setting didnt improve detail much of the usual photos i try at night. This is the good part, some photos of the end of my street 1/4 mile away or less were ok but not great, then looking through to all black photos not expecting t see what i had zoomed in on and there it was a motionless rock or asteroid that i knew was up there with the naked eye, but the photos are excellent, that baffles me meaning this thing wasnt way out there it was close! It was on reflective side Gold looking like a Nugget, the light reflecting was from a North to North East direction or even the Casino Lights at Tahoe, i will have to look at them again to comfirm that. Ok looking like a large Nugget with Gold,White,Black or Grey in Shadows. It looks exactly like a Asteroid, i should had tried to track its orbit to see if it moved as the other satelites move (The big Dipper was to its Right about the same angle or higher than my object) I have four photos to submit and then i should get back out there, it could be a UFO under control that looks like giant Rock, It wasnt white or Grey primary color the largest patch was like pure gold and it was solid with features such as on its protruding face was a small bump wth shadow formed on it left, the same goes for the rest of it, so weird anything it was just there, but what is it? All these rumors of a doomsday rock from space? Is there one? If yes is this what this is? I better get these Photos Uploaded for you guys, it the best UFO ever captured by myself as i have seen now with this one makes four total from 1972 to present and im 54 YO.

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