Sphere UFO in bright daylight caught on photo over Vienna Austria 2011


August 31, 2011

UFO Sightings testimony: I was sitting on by balcony and smoking a cigarette. When I was finished, I just wanted to look at some clouds, and there it was. Since I have been watching the sky over Vienna the whole summer, and have seen nearly everyday at around 21:15h 'strange lights' that where flying with enormous speed, and suddenly stopping, and accelerating after 4-5 minutes to highspeed, my first thought was that it could be an UFO.

This object was just hovering there for like 10 minutes, and after a big cloud moved over it for some seconds, it was gone.

When I noticed it, I ran into my room, told my girlfriend what I saw, took her Cannon EOS 500D, ran back with her to the balcony, and took one snap of it, and we where seeing it both of us, I felt how my heart started beating faster and felt some strange things. I also took some photos of the airplanes in the area for comprehension, and none

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