Incredible UFO sighting with pictures & details - Troyan Bulgaria 2010


August 10, 2010

UFO Sightings testimony This sighting is my first, and I am not sure if there has ever been such an event reported anywhere before, both in intensity and in duration of observation. Thus, the detail of the sighting.
On 10th of August me and a friend of mine went camping in the central part of the Stara Planina mountain, a mountain that divides Bulgaria in the middle, starting from West and ending near the Black Sea to the East.
The exact place where we had the UFO sighting is in the central part of Stara Planina, right where the Troyan-Kurnare passage road lies, which is one of the main passages connecting the Northern and Southern parts of Bulgaria. At the highest point of that passage there (1565 meters above sea level) is a big monument from the communism times before 1989 in Bulgaria, it is called Beklemeto.
The closest town is Troyan, from the Northern side, it's about 15 kilometers from Beklemeto. Also, close to the monument, around 30 minutes on foot from our camp there is a small group of hotels. I met my friend up in the mountain, he came from Southern Bulgaria, and I travelled from the capitol city Sofia to the place from the Northern side of the mountain. We met there at around 12 o'clock at noon, then we walked a few of kilometers from Beklemeto taking a dirt road towards East (we had no vehicle, we both travelled by hitch-hiking) and after awhile we reached a good place for camping (it's quite windy because we were on the highest point of the mountain in the region and strong winds are not something rare there).
The exact coordinates of where we put our tent are: 42 46 20.73 N 24 39 7.46 E facing North-East, the view is towards the Northern part of Bulgaria (I got the exact coordinates thanks to Google Earth). Also there were no trees on our altitude, forests were lower than us, the closest being about a kilometer away.
The weather was changing really fast during the day, first it was sunny, then clouds appeared at our altitude and covered everything from sight.
At a certain point I started having a terrible headache and went to sleep for a few hours, I woke up at around 10:30 PM. I went out of the tent, me and my friend sat and talked for about an hour. The fog of clouds from earlier was now completely gone and as it was New Moon, we could observe a breath-taking view of the Milky Way and also the Perseida meteor showers which was originally the idea of our trip to the mountains. At around 11:30 PM I looked to the North and suddenly noticed some sort of a light source far away (probably 5-7 kms away from us) but yet, on the same altitude as we were. I instantly yelled to my friend 'Look!' and as we observed the light flying really slowly without changing direction we started guessing what it could be. The light wasn't flashing at first, it also didn't make any sudden changes in direction the first five minutes or so. Not until it decided to suddenly change its direction to the exactly opposite. Some seconds after that, really close to the first object, another one appeared from nothing and both started an amazing series of flashing (which I guess was how they communicated) and flying in the sky.
And I'm talking about some serious mind blowing manouvers, that I personally can't assign to any known (or even kept as a secret) human aircraft or natural phenomenon. That's when we realised something out of the ordinary was happening. The lights were making sudden changes of direction, sometimes they faded away for a couple of seconds, just to get brighter afterwards, it was more than obvious they were communicating to each other. And then we started looking at various regions of the night sky to look for more objects and it didn't take more than a minute - that's when we realised it - these objects were all over the place, they just didn't caught our attention at first. We have no idea how many we've observed throughout the night, however, at a certain moment we managed to count 25 different objects being present at the same time on the night sky.
All of them were behaving as nothing known to or being produced by man. We didn't manage to see more details regarding these particular lights, as they were some kilometers away from us, and were simply everywhere we looked.After probably an hour of observation of these lights, we saw something that gave us a chill to the bone. We looked to the East and that's when we saw just above the closest hill, really close to the ground, a white light hovering over what appeared at first 10-15 meters above the surface of the hill.
In the beginning we could only see that light, however, after thirty or so seconds of staring we could very well distinguish its shape - it was flat disc shaped, it had a bright constant light in its center (the one that caught our attention at first), around the edge of the disc there was a ring of red light, slowly pulsating (it was much dimmer than the central light), and because there was no moonlight, we couldn't see the body of the craft in detail, however, when looking carefully, we could depict the flat and round shape of the object by being much darker than the sky behind it.
The most interesting thing about this particular object was the way it was moving - first of all, when realising the object was disc-shaped, we understood that the lowest part of it actually was no higher than 2-3 meters from the top of the hill it was hovering above. That's because the position of the disc was not horizontal, as in most cases, but it was vertical according to the ground. The most amazing part about it was that while moving horizontally over the hill, the object was slowly rotating having it's center being the center of the rotation, and it wasn't rotating in one specific direction only, but it was changing the direction constantly.
This was the time when we decided we should try and make contact. I took the flashlight and started flashing towards the large disc. It completely stopped moving for more than a minute, hanging over the hill. Then, it just continued hovering, and not more than 2 minutes later, something flickering in the top of my eyesight caught my attention. It was a small white light looking almost like a star, but it continued getting brighter and brighter. The light was constant, not flashing, only slowly getting brighter and larger and then again to its original state. Also, from time to time every 10-15 seconds it vibrated very strangely - it rapidly moved from left to right for a tiny fraction of the second.
The distance between the most left and most right points of its movement when it vibrated was around 4-5 centimeters in my eyesight, so, taking in consideration it was away from us for some distance (although we can't be exact as only a light was visible and no obvious body of a craft) it moved amazingly rapidly... And this is the only object we managed to get on photo - both me and my friend only had telephones with weak cameras and only because of its brightness did it came visible on the photo, unlike the other dimmer lights in the sky.
A little bit later, we saw a second easily distinguishable in shape and design object. First, it appeared as a small, pale dot, that was right above the disc shaped. My assumption is that it was at least a kilometer above the disc. It was really strange, as this pale red dot copied perfectly the movement of the disc on the horizontal, it seemed as if it was one whole object. It continued doing so for about 10 minutes, when it suddenly stopped (while the disc just continued whatever it was doing over the hill), hung in the night sky for some seconds, and then started moving. It flew directly West, meaning it actually passed right in front of us, not more than 200 meters away, at about 45 degrees according to our point of view just to disappear in the distance. As it passed, we could very well see that it was a flat triangular shape, with a bright white light at its center, and three red lights in the angles.
Again, it wasn't as typical sightings describe these as horizontally positioned, this one was vertical and was flying in horizontal direction meaning it had no problem at all with the forces of air resistance. The greatest thing about this object is that we could really clearly see a very specific characteristic about its way of movement - on equal intervals (I measured them to be around 5 seconds) the triangle simply rotated on 90 degrees around its center, changing the positions only of its angles, as the center light being stationary, and this rotation occured just in the matter of tenth of a second, continuesly, as the object was flying away from us until it disappeared.
The last object that was showing specific characteristics and was visible enough to make out details, was at almost our altitude. It appeared at around 4:00-4:30. It looked like a disc again, but we couldn't make out a body of the craft, so we're not completely sure. What we could see were 5 lights (not separate, definately connected to each other making one whole object). They were one next to another, and made the object appear as horizontally positioned. What was kind of scary was that it was hovering right above the hotels I mentioned in the beginning, but we didn't see something more than that. It all ended at around 5:30 AM in the morning, when out of nowhere, clouds appeared and again covered everything. We went in the tent and at that time with the fog outside, although we were very scared, we somehow fell asleep.
We slept until 7 o'clock, and when we got up, there was no sign of the objects. None of the objects produced any kind of sound. Completely silent! Neither me, nor my friend felt anything strange during the sighting, except for the adreanaline rush the first 2-3 hours, we wanting so much to communicate with them, shouting from time to time in excitement, yet baffled what on Earth were these things, considering and discussing the possibility they were man-made, what they were doing there etc.
After we calmed down little by little, we started thinking rationally, and I personally got scared because I didn't know what their intentions were, and I trully felt the harsh reality of me and my friend being all alone there in the mountain, in front of our tent surrounded by tens of these lights. A smashing feeling, that is, of being so ridiculously small and defenseless.
On 11th of August in the morning when we woke up, everything has changed, I was so stressed from the experience that I didn't want to talk about it for at least a week. I only told the people closest to me with very little detail, at first. We didn't even feel an urge to go to the hill the disc shaped object was hovering above to see if there were any signs left. All I was thinking about is how I was going to get home and not go outside for awhile.
Also, another important detail is that the whole mountain was echoing of shepperd dogs barking. Don't get me wrong, I've been wondering about UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial life for some time, much before this event happened. I was an enthusiast who up to that point had no personal experience on the topic, only observations and theories. And being as open-minded as I consider myself to be, I have no idea why this has stressed me so much, all I know that my view of everything has become completely different since then. It took me 2 months to fully overcome the stress from the event and to gather will to sit down and make this story reach other people.
Also, since then, I haven't felt any need to convince anyone who has heard and not believed this story and I still don't. From what I saw I simply believe we're not that far from the moment this phenomenon will become publically acknowledged by everyone. Something I think is important as well - after a week passed after the event and I started doing research, I found out that every fifth citizen of Troyan claims to have seen such lights in the distance towards the peaks of the mountain.
NOTE regarding the photos - I'm uploading three photos, two are originals and the third is the one of the two photos but after some enhancing a friend of mine did on it. Bear in mind that this is a photo taken by a phone camera towards the night sky - it was new moon and the whole Milky Way was visible, and yet no stars appeared on the original photo, well, not until it was edited and brightened.
The reason for me to say this is to take in consideration that fact, because it will help when trying to find out how much brighter the object was in the sky than the stars. As for the reddish areas that appear on the enhanced photo, some of these are most likely camera artifacts, and the small dots of light are showing exactly how the phone camera managed to photograph the stars in the night sky in comparison to the bright object. - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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