UFO in the city of Rize Turkey near the Black Sea caught on picture


Black Sea
November 30, 2010

UFO sightings testimony (Translated from Turkish): Some citizens in the town of Rize Camlihemsin, was admitted to secure the claim they saw UFOs Camlica neighborhood photos taken in the evening down town and Trust Alatay Timur Colak, exploded when the camera flash as a UFO that they claimed they qualified color of an object moving.
Timur Atalay told AA correspondent, said they saw a light when taking pictures with his friend, 'the lower part of the house after taking a photo of the friend I went over to look at the photo. At that time, my friend said it was a light behind me. My back turned for a moment when I look in a bright colored light I've seen. in trying to figure out what it is acting in a few seconds and then disappeared. very excited and surprised, 'he said.
Explode in the body after the flash come out of the Trust by expressing Colak, 'It was like a signal and then emerged. Sacmadı Body out of the light. Only in the light which looked like a body.
It appears, then disappeared in a short period of time. The flash burst to appear, that the light sensitive suggested. Flash patladıkca further increased visibility and came towards us.
We told our friends the idea of ​​UFOs might be. But no one believed us, 'he said.
Sahin Yalcin boarding at the Highland Plateau Kavron Kavron vehicle coming down the deserted town, saying he saw a light floating in the sky in an area, 'I followed the light. Light came down to Plateau Huser. Cisimdi round. Sonuyordu light flashing at regular intervals. Yellow, round shape has occurred and then disappeared for about 30 seconds, 'he said.
Citizens, the thought of what they saw UFOs may be applied to territorial Camlihemsin Police.

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