Silent UFOs - One red and two white seen on a clear night - UK 2012


West Midlands
February 18, 2012

UFO sightings eyewitness report ( Ray Stephenson) : My son who is 8 told me to look at a light he had noticed moving around high above our back garden. We went outside and it was a clear night the stars were out, we watched a white light move in tight circular clockwise patterns right to left high up in the sky.

We then saw another light way up high move at speed across the sky no flashing lights as you would see on normal air traffic and anyway it was moving way faster than those, my son got panicky and ran inside, i then noticed another light this time red immediately overhead moving swiftly then vanished into thin air.

I continued to watch the first object for a further 20 mins while calling police to report what i was observing before it too disappeared like someone turning off a light. None of the objects made any sound whatsoever.

Here's a photo i's a little bit blurred but shows the lights and their brightness. - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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