Uncle in Australia post a UFO picture for Nephew in UK | February 2011


February 28, 2011

'This pic was taken by my nephew in the UK and he posted it to me saying that he was scared and that he thought he saw a UFO. I live in Australia and I told him before he told me where he saw the object and i was right? We had lots of sightings there as kids so it didn't surprise me. I have studied the picture and there doesn't seem to be any red lights to indicate it being an human aircraft. There seems to be three bright lights at the front and one light too far away for it to be a tail light of an aircraft, this has puzzled me and i am convinced when looking at the picture that it is a UFO. I'm not sure of the correct details as to when and what time he saw it.' | Location: England | Date: February 28 2011 | UFO Shape: Saucer | Photographer: Unknown

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