Mr. Shaw photograph a Triangular UFO formation - China - April 30 2011


April 30, 2011

Original Description [Chinese to English translation]:'May 1 (Reporter Wu Liufeng) four UFO in the upper northwest of Chengdu suspended, turned to his entourage in a triangular arrangement, the whole process lasted for at least tens of minutes. Last night, the people of Chengdu, said Mr. Shaw around 9:20 that night, in the four paragraphs above that the Third Ring Road, Chengdu, UFO, attracted many people watching, Mr. Shaw immediately with the camera recorded. That night, Mr. Shaw Qingchengshan motorcycle back from Chengdu, via the Third Ring Road Interchange Taurus, the back seat of a friend on the night have found a few bright highlights, and then, two captured with the camera in a number of roadside Ten UFO photos. "No aircraft, because there is no sound, nothing like the shape! "claiming the work had many years of aviation experience in Mr. Shaw told reporters. The reporter learned from Mr. Shaw came to see the photos, mainly by the four bright and colorful red, white and green colors of the very bright in the night sky, the color at different times subject to change. In his close-up photo shoot, showing eight UFO angle. Mr. Shaw said the naked eye the few bright spots, somewhat harsh, but there is no sound, the font in the line up after the two had been in the middle of moving, and both ends of the two is still intact. "We shot ten minutes in the street until you leave, four bright spots do not disappear. " In addition to the four captured UFOs, according to him, there are two did not get the other two bright objects flying cross was distributed, the head has two searchlights, and soon flew off towards the northwest. Visual observation by Mr. Shaw , "compared with the other four, two from the ground this close, there may be military aircraft. Chengdu Bureau of Meteorology: the time, that position was no meteorological instruments Followed by a telephone interview with reporters in Chengdu Meteorological Bureau, Mr Liu told reporters that the staff, the location of the meteorological time impossible to detect high-altitude weather detection equipment. Only time will release balloon Wenjiang, but the Wen river in the western area of Chengdu, and meteorological instruments meteorological departments are often put in before 19:00 PM' | Location: Third Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China | Date: April 30 2011 - 9:20 PM | Duration: 10 minutes | UFO Shape: Triangular | Photographer: Mr. Shaw | Credit/Source: - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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