Leon de los Aldama, Mexico visited by a Fleet of UFOs | March 2011


March 18, 2011

On Friday March 18 at approximately 10:00 PM Over the 'Zona Peatonal' of León, Fernando Fernández took this UFO picture with his portable phone. The UFOs that we see on this UFO picture is only a part of a fleet that's been going around the region for a while. Many testimonies of UFO sighting regarding that fleet of UFOs had been received including Juan Antonio Lopez who was a complete skeptical about UFOs but changed his opinion when he saw around 50 luminous objects in the sky moving in an orderly fashion toward the Parque Metropolitano before vanishing from sight. On this UFO picture we can see three bright white unidentified flying objects in the dark blue sky. | León ( León de los Aldama), Guanajuato, Mexico | Cluster UFO shape | March 18 2011 - 10:00 PM | Credit/Source: Fernando Fernández / www.am.com.mx

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