Car driver captures very fast UFO on picture | Michigan | April 8 2011


Traverse City
April 8, 2011

While driving his car in Traverse City, a man took two pictures of the sunset with a delay of 3 seconds between the two. While one of the picture had nothing strange, the other one had a dark Ellipsoid shaped UFO on it. When he looked at the pictures later on he was surprised to see the UFO, he forwarded the UFO picture to his girlfriend who had seen UFO documentary on television and was convinced the object on the picture was a unidentified flying object. On this UFO picture we can see a grey colored UFO in the sky over the road, the UFO seem to have a darker area a the bottom on the left side. We do not have the name of the car driver who took this UFO picture. | April 8 2011 | Traverse City, Michigan, United States | Ellipsoid UFO shape - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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