Best UFO picture showing UFO in Cloud disguise | Viborg, Denmark 1974


November 17, 1974

Even if this UFO picture may be classified has a classic UFO picture part of the older proofs of UFO presence on planet Earth, we do not have much information about it. On November 17 1974, H. Lauersen took this incredible UFO picture in the town of Viborg located in the region of Midtjylland in Denmark. H. Lauersen shot this UFO picture while the unidentified flying object was approximately 250 to 300 meters away from him. This UFO sighting was investigated by Major Hans Petersen from the Danish Air Force. Scientists concluded that the vaporizing effect as being the result of the surface of the UFO being cooler than -180 degrees Celsius, resulting that the surrounding air becomes liquid and flows toward the Earth, which gives the object its jellyfish-like appearance. | Viborg, Midtjylland, Denmark | Cloud UFO shape | November 17 1974 - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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