UFO sighting in Middlesex New Jersey - Near plane in the sky 2016
CITY: Middlesex
REGION: New Jersey
DATE: August 28, 2016

UFO VIDEO DESCRIPTION: I was sitting outside on on the phone, on the front steps and I noticed 2 rotating objects. They looked like a football on its side. If I could describe it, I would say it looked as if they were showing each other their move or just taking turns. My first impression was that the sunlight was reflecting off this "thing" but it wasn't a constant reflection. It was rotating sideways and every time it rotated, it would reflect or flash.
I cut my conversation short and told my wife to come outside. We were just watching what these 2 things were doing and I was making sure to point out every movement to make sure we were on the same page and I was not seeing something different. Once the 2nd sort of just drifted in thin air or whatever it did, I started recording...It ended up vanishing behind an incoming cloud. Just vanished or stop blinking. It seem as if it would absorb the cloud.

My feelings in the beginning was just a glance as I was talking on the phone. I was trying to stay interested in the phone conversation, however, I found myself looking where the sun was located due to the reflection or flash I was seeing, just to make sure before I told my wife. I was excited because I knew something happened, I have it on video and 2 other people saw it.

This happened about 6 yrs ago but I messed up the footage because I couldnt look through the phone and record. I was getting ready to take my daughter to cheerleading practice. I was waiting outside on the steps and 2 white objects (like a square on the bottom, and circle on top) floated in formation very fluently changing directions around each other. We all saw it, however, my wife would not really say she saw something. She said it was a bird. BUT this time, she saw this one clear as day.

Credit: MUFON
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Middlesex, New Jersey, USA
August 28, 2016