two reddish-orange orbs UFO moving in straight line - Kentucky USA 2016
CITY: Versailles
REGION: Kentucky
DATE: April 17, 2016

UFO VIDEO DESCRIPTION: observed two reddish-orange orbs moving in straight line from the NE to SW. They were both silent. both seemed 50% larger than a normal helicopter

At approximately 12:25am on April 17th, I let my dogs outside and decided to walk out on the back porch. I was watching my dogs in the yard when from the NE a huge reddish-orange light caught my attention. It looked like a large single round brake light wafting through the sky. It was a quiet night, no wind of any kind, yet this large object remained completely silent. The object never blinked or changed in intensity.

I really thought it was a meteor initially until I noticed it didn't have a tail and was moving in a straight line toward the SW at about 45 degrees above the horizon. It was about the height a helicopter would fly and roughly about the speed. It was then that I noticed a second object that I would describe exactly the same as the first object. It had the same appearance, the same speed, size and luminosity. It originated from the same area of the sky and was the same altitude. The second object was following the first object in what looked to be a direct line.

I happened to have my smartphone in my pocket so I grabbed it and began fumbling around to turn on the video recorder. I shot about 24 seconds worth of video. The objects both remained constant in intensity but there were many tree limbs between me and the objects. The first object was nearly out of site when I began recording. It was only in the recording for approximately 3 seconds. I continued to record the second object until it too was out of site. I was in a residential area with many trees and rooftops and only a small window of this area of the sky. Both objects basically disappeared behind rooftops. The entire sighting lasted about 50 seconds.

Credit: MUFON
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Versailles, Kentucky, USA
April 17, 2016