Witness near airport see White UFO too fast to be a plane near Chapel
CITY: Chapel Hill
REGION: North Carolina
DATE: September 3, 2018

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: I noticed an object flying across the sky which was too fast for a plane. I thought I might be witnessing a shooting star but then it changed direction and the new hovered. I took out my phone to take a video but accidentally only took photo. I was getting out of my car at my apartment in Chapel Hill when I noticed what I first thought was a really fast flying airplane in the sky. I quickly realized planes don’t usually zoom across the sky that quickly they usually appear to move much slower when you are looking at them from a distance. As I live near RDU Airport I also observed other planes in the sky which confirmed how much slower they appear and that at the time of day you could still make out their wings and lights on the wings. The object I was looking at looked like a star which made me think I was then witnessing a shooting star or something along those lines. As I was watching it changed directions and then hovered. At this point I knew it could not be a regular plane or shooting star and got out my phone intending to capture a video. As I looked through my phone’s screen it didn’t appear you could really see it, so I quickly tried to figure out how to zoom but instead took a photo burst instead of a video. By the time I figured out how to properly work the zoom, I couldn’t see it anymore. I’ll try to attach the first and last photo burst pictures which shows it moves slightly to the side. Credit: MUFON