UFO or Air Force Drone for A-10 practice seen over field in LaGrange I
CITY: LaGrange
REGION: Indiana
DATE: March 3, 2018

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: Something being followed by two A-10s. Sitting at desk looking over photos from last nights I.S.S pass over. Heard what I thought to be a snow plow coming around the corner from the South East ( no snow on ground ) mom then called out jets based on the sounds. Grabbed camera next to me and got to the door barefoot in seconds sound intensifying as two A-10s flew over house headed North West followed by sounds faded fast. Ran out the door down the steps and half the driveway for a clear shot without trees blocking line of sight. Got one photo in with the WRONG setting nothing but WHITE, changed settings to auto adjust then got a series of photos focusing on the A-10s using the viewfinder to watch them before they got to far for the camera to capture clearly. Then I watched for a few seconds by eye clearly seeing two planes but a third object ahead of them darker and smaller didn't seem to be a third plane. Trees and horizon blocked my sight as they flew over to the North. Came back inside and starting looking to magnify the photos and noticed the dark object they were following in the photos to blurry for me to really see anything marking or even basic shape. I showed these photos to family they weren't to sure what the third object was either. For years the A-10s have had training flights right over my house every at least once or twice a year, this was the first I've seen this year. There has always seemed to be just two A-10s that I've seen flying in formation using the farms and silos as targets, they usually branch out over both roads after crossing over my house. The sounds just seemed different this time to me. If needed I will search for the past photos of A-10s flying over head. This time you can see in the photos they are both heading the same way after a dark object. One planes appears to be changing course to follow object. I hope the photos can be of help because it just looks to blurry for me and therefore less credible. I have the white photo but didn't attach for the sake of file space you allow, I also attached the NEF file versions in case they are better info for you. Still feeling very sure of how I recalled and wrote this all. During the event I was calm but had energy to move fast to get the position to take the photo. I got a little perked up when I saw the third object that I couldn't make out before I even looked at the photos. As for now I'm still a little unsure that I should be making this all out like mountains out of ant hills. Credit: MUFON