Very bright blinking UFO mainly white changing colours seen in Alpine
CITY: Alpine
REGION: Alabama
DATE: January 9, 2018

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: A with sometimes a red, blue, yellow color blinking. It was hovering and moved slightly. It was a very strange experience sighting. I was the only person at home. It was Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at approximately 7:00pm. While in master suite bathroom, I saw a very bright, flashing light up in the sky, outside the large picture window at corner tub. I walked to the master bedroom French doors that leads to outside side patio where a hot tub spa is located. I stood in open doorway trying to comprehend what I am seeing. It was the brightest thing in the sky and ‘hovering’ and blinking, but never blinked off, but always staying a bright color. At times the color was blue, at other times the red, and sometimes a little yellow, but the prominent bright color was blinking crystal clear bright white. I kept watching it, not believing what I am seeing. It stayed in one place, but it would slightly move upward and little to the side. It was constantly blinking and very bright. It was far away, so I did not hear noise. It was there for approximately 2-3 hours. I immediately called my mom that lives next door and asked her to walk outside and look. She went outside and said she saw something also, She only stayed outside for a minute because it was cold. Then I immediately called my sister, that lives in Georgia. She walked outside, but did not see anything because trees. Then I immediately called family, that was in Florida visiting family and sent them video and pictures. I have been constantly thinking about what I have seen and had to do a painting of it. I am intelligent, never smoked or never any drugs, happy, hard-working farm and engineering occupation. I have looked every night at the same time to see if it has returned, but has been cloudy and still have not seen it again yet. Thank you for your time. Credit: MUFON
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Alpine, Alabama, USA
January 9, 2018