Oval Shaped UFO baffled policeman in Glendale Illinois USA August 31 2
CITY: Glendale
REGION: Illinois
DATE: August 31, 2017

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: The witness couldn’t sleep so he took a walk to a gas station about 1.5 miles from his house. He noticed a light hovering to the east. He at first thought it was an aircraft, but realized that it wasn’t because it kept hovering and was too large. He didn’t think that the object was a helicopter because it was silent. He snapped one photo of the object. The object appeared to be oval shaped (similar to a dinner plate) and was 200 to 300 yards in diameter. There were lights around the perimeter of the object and on the bottom. The lights would blink white, blue and green. They would flash on and off kitty corner to kitty corner. He then noticed other similar objects gradually appeared. The objects at one point numbered seven. He said that he was located about 25 miles from Chicago O’Hare Airport. He stated that skies were clear at the time of the sighting. Upon arrival at the gas station he saw two police officers and they also were observing the sky. One policeman said that the object was an “airbus.” The other officer was baffled. The witness also said that he saw a small light shooting between the objects. He stayed at the gas station until 4:30 AM and visited with locals. He walked home and noticed another similar object to the west that appeared to be descending. He was afraid for his two daughters who were asleep in his apartment. He arrived home and shut the curtains and looked on TV to see if there were any other reports. He did not hear of any other sightings. He closed the curtains and saw that the bright light gradually faded and was gone. He said that clouds were increasing at the time. He went to sleep at 6 AM. Credit: UFOs Northwest
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Glendale, Illinois, USA
August 31, 2017