UFOs flying over crop circle in Milk Hill farmland in Wiltshire Englan
CITY: Alton
REGION: Wiltshire
DATE: August 10, 2017

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: UFOs flying over farmland in Wiltshire left crop circle expert in awe. Pierre Beake claims to have captured the strange event on video shooting at speed across a renowned crop circle site. Mr Beake has spent many years researching crop circles in the south west of England and is convinced that they cannot all be the work of hoaxers. Beake’s video shows balls of light speeding across Milk Hill in Wiltshire. Beake said that this is not the first time he witnessed such thing as he also captured several alleged balls of light on still camera around crop circles. Crop circles are believed to be made by landing UFOs, but they have been widely considered one of the biggest paranormal hoaxes since 1991. Doug Bower and David Chorley showed how they made many of the reported crop circle patterns found across the UK. The duo demonstrated how the use of wooden planks and rope flatten corn in a circular pattern. The pair admitted that they did crop circles in the 1970s to tease locals who believed in UFOs. Since then, a lot more circle makers have made more complicated designs as if they want to outdo each other. However, many others refuse to believe all crop circles are human-made. Mr Beake said that when you go in a crop circle for the first time, you can’t explain the feeling. He explained that it is a great feeling and you feel nice. Mr Beake showed two videos. One video features a bright light in the distance flying across the field. Mr Beake said that it is windy, but the bright light stays at the same speed with the same force. Another Mr Beake’s clip shows some people in the fields of Milk Hill, near Alton Priors in Wiltshire. He stated that the shot is incredible as it shows ten individuals who went on the hill to see balls of light. Mr Beake also showed an array of pictures apparently showing balls of light above crop circles. Credit: LUFOS
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Alton, Wiltshire, GBR
August 10, 2017