UFO appearance at the Tokyo Dome lecture - Bunkyo Tokyo Japan 2017
CITY: Bunkyo
DATE: August 5, 2017

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: UFO appearance at the Tokyo Dome lecture of happiness science and Ryuho Okawa President! This picture was taken at the Tokyo Dome at around 8:23 pm after the lecture was finished and was taken at several ten meters. Pico's 55-year-old woman is a photographer Toyama prefecture (a pseudonym) is, speaks of when the pictures were taken in the following manner. Was looking at the sky out of the "dome, it is light, such as connected dots and five or six spots in the top right corner of the Ferris wheel seemed. Whether the building is built, or neon of the, perhaps wonder if Sky Tree, I thought, I took a picture. It was a whitish light, I felt like flashlights are lined up. It did not move or blink. After watching about 3 - 5 seconds, I took out the smartphone and made a snapshot. As you can see from the side of the Ferris wheel, I took a Ferris wheel and took it. As soon as I copied it, I was told to go to my husband, so I only have this one. People around me were looking for people by cell phone, so I think that no one else sees them. I thought that there might be a building, so I started walking as it is. Since this picture is taken toward the light source, the possibility of lens flare can not be denied. Lens flare is the light which is reflected by the reflection of light inside the camera lens. However, because there is a testimony that it could be seen with the naked eye, there is a possibility that it is really an unknown flying object. If it is a flying object it will be quite large in landscape orientation. In Okawa's lecture meeting, UFO has been witnessed and photographed many times. In this lecture, I talked about the secret of human creation more than 300 million years ago, the rise of civilization on earth, and the situation where the present earth was placed from the viewpoint of the Earth god. There is no wonder that an alien with an interest on the planet is coming to see. It is regrettable that one witness is present at the moment and that it is photographed towards the light source, but it is still a valuable piece that could be a real UFO. (ALSO ANOTHER SIMILAR UFO APPEARED ON JULY 7 AT THE SAME LOCATION - PICTURE 3 ) A woman in her 50's who photographed a thing like a UFO talked about the interview of this magazine. This photo, a little before 20 o'clock the fireworks begin, was taken outdoors. When I took but I did not notice, the photo was photographed things like UFO. Fireworks It seems there were several people who saw things that look like UFOs before. By the way, according to the leading of the carried out have been Okawa president from around 2010, cigar type UFO is the Pleiades star people and Vega star people, is a vehicle such as Nibiru star people, and become the mother ship UFO, that the total length is also 2-3 km . Also, when you are in the sky you can make the UFO transparent, so it is not usually seen by the earthling. About 1,000 people visited this fireworks display. To celebrate the Okawa president of the birthday, it might be aliens rushed in UFO. Credit: the-liberty.com
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Bunkyo, Tokyo, JPN
August 5, 2017