Very bright UFO seemed to have tentacles - Bangkok Thailand 2017
CITY: Bangkok
REGION: Central Thailand
DATE: May 6, 2017

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: I had just arrived back home and noticed an extremely bright object in the sky which seemed to have appendages or tentacles which looked like static electricity. Initially I thought it was star but it wasn't certainly within the earths atmosphere. I looked out of my balcony and noticed an extremely bright light in the sky, quite low. Initially I had assumed it to be a star which was burning unusually bright. However, on closer inspection, I was convinced that the object wasn't outside the earth's atmosphere. It was very low, appearing below the clouds and also hovering at an altitude much lower than aeroplanes. Also, I made a conscious effort to look for other stars and the moon, but this object was the only bright thing in the sky. I could not see any other stars and I could not see the moon. The object was so bright that if you looked at it for more than a few seconds, it would leave a blind spot in my vision. As I observed the object, I noticed tentacles or appendages that seemed to be made from frozen/static electricity. The object seemed to be a mushroom or triangle shape with a base. The object did not move, it hovered in a fixed position and I observed it for almost 2 hours, even as the sun began to rise. It was still visible in the sunlight but slightly harder to see. My initial reaction was curious, but when I became convinced it wasn't a star, I became fearful. I had honestly never seen anything like it. I attempted to message a couple friends so that I'd have some additional witnesses, but being 5am, everyone was asleep. Eventually I went to bed (around 7am) and the object was still there, but seemed further away (it may have been the impact of the sunlight on my vision which made it look smaller). When I woke up a few hours later, the object had disappeared. I managed to take a few photos and a video, but being an iPhone camera, I wasn't able to capture anything close to the amount of detail I observed with my own eyes. I also tried sketching the object but I'm not very good at drawing. Credit:MUFON
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Bangkok, Central Thailand, THA
May 6, 2017