3 large orange red colored spheres UFOs Romford London England 2016
CITY: Romford
REGION: London
DATE: February 19, 2016

UFO PICTURE DESCRIPTION: On 19th February 2016 I left home for work as usual at 0518 hours. It was a cold morning with a clear morning sky (I could see the stars). I started to walk South along the road whereby 30 seconds later I noticed three(3) large orange/red coloured spheres in the South sky around 45 degrees up.

I noticed the spheres because they were so bright and low in the sky. At first I thought it must be some kind of planetary line up because the three spheres were in a horizontal line and that's what it looked like, but I realised this was ridiculous because I am into Amateur Astronomy and I was not aware of any such thing taking place. I also ruled out the Constellation Orion because the Constellation was below the Horizon that morning.

I even opened a app called Stellarium on my mobile phone to confirm this. Initially the spheres appeared to be stationary for around 8 minutes from my vantage point and I began to take photos using my mobile phone at 0524 hours. When I reached the end of the road I was now looking at the spheres head on where I think I began to notice some kind of movement from one of the spheres.

I carried on taking photos whilst walking where I then confirmed that all three spheres were moving in my direction heading North. I crossed the road and started to film the spheres on my mobile phone moving across the sky. I saw a member of the public and pointed the spheres out to him as I wanted another witness to observe them. we both observed the spheres move overhead (at this stage the spheres appeared white in colour and not as large) and at that time one of the spheres began to blink, then followed by the second sphere which also began to blink. All three spheres moved over rooftops in the main road where we both lost sight of them heading North.

These spheres (lights) were seen by a number of people on their way to work that morning. My brother being one of them who at the time was driving South along the M11 motorway from Halstead. I reported the incident to my local paper with the hope that other persons would come forward with what they saw?

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Romford, London, GBR
February 19, 2016